7 Months….Have a Little Faith….

Today is the beginning of the seventh month of this treacherous deployment. The deployment has allowed me to explore my relationship with God and has tested my faith in many ways. My time spent in church is typically a roller coaster experience of emotions. I miss sharing the Hymnal with Clay, I miss our fingers intertwined when we bow our heads in prayer, I miss our glances at each other during the Sermon, and most of all I miss his presence and his being beside me in the pew. First Presbyterian of Watertown, New York has been so gracious and comforting towards the military families affected by the deployments of the 10th Mountain Division. I truly feel blessed to be part of the congregation and I look forward to spending my Sunday mornings with First Presbyterian reflecting and rejoicing. I find it ironic that in church, where there is so much love, fellowship, and understanding, I sometimes find myself feeling so alone.

* Originally posted at The Sour Patch Kid Experiment (deleted 2007) on September 1, 2006.


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