What I Have Learned in the Past 223 Days

Laughter really is the best medicine. Crying is healthy. Camping in 40-degree weather is an adventure. Ferris Wheels are dangerous. He really does complete me. It is okay to lean on friends. Deployed husband=more closet space. The Perfect Margarita really is perfect. I love having all the hot water to myself. The World’s Largest Cheese Cake is not the World’s Best Tasting Cheese Cake. I am meant to have blonde hair. Winter nights can be cold and lonely. Northern New York is okay. Moonshine is nasty. I can do this. The ‘bees is a great place to laugh. “Bitch please” warms my heart. Giant windmills are cool. Sigma Delta Gamma are sisters for life. A can of Pringles is perfectly acceptable for dinner. Netflix is awesome. His voice warms my heart. Black X’s crossing out days on the calendar is a great sight. It is okay to talk to my dog and cat. When you don’t drive your husband’s car for three months, it will not start. It can be therapeutic to hang out with friends from high school and just reminisce. Bangs usually are not a good idea. Sister-in-laws can be pretty cool and a good source of comfort. I am confident.

* Originally posted at The Sour Patch Kid Experiment (deleted 2007) on September 23, 2006. Recovered courtesy of waybackmachine.com in 2012.


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