Angry at the World

While applying my make-up this morning with the Today show on in the background, I heard Matt Lauer report that there have been 12 American troops killed in Iraq since Saturday (September 30, 2006). Add the two American soldiers that were killed in Afghanistan yesterday, and there have been a total of 14 American deaths in a three day period. Sad.

I am angry at the administration; I am angry Donald Rumsfield for not stepping down and letting (pardon the expression but I find it fitting) new blood fill the Secretary of Defense position (…here are the transcripts of Bob Woodward’s interviews with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld on July 6 and 7, 2006); I am angry at the indifference most American’s have towards the United State’s role in foreign relations; I am angry about the Amish school shooting in Lancaster, PA; I am angry about the school shooting in Wisconsin; I am angry about the school shooting in Colorado; I am angry at Mark Foley for his perverted ways and avoidance of the issue by going to rehab; I am angry at some members of the Republican Party for participating in a cover up; I am angry at Dennis Hastert; I am angry about The Sudan; I am angry that people are going hungry today and going to sleep without a roof over their head; I am angry about drug use; I am angry about Islamic Fundamentalism; I am angry at irreverence towards human life…and this list goes on.

Most of all, I am angry that I feel helpless.

* Originally posted at The Sour Patch Kid Experiment (deleted 2007) on October 3, 2006. Recovered courtesy of in 2012.


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