On Saturday night Fran, Christie, Briana, and I went to our first Watertown Red and Black football game. The Watertown Red and Black was founded in 1895 and heralds itself as the oldest semi-professional football team in the nation. Armed with our winter coats, hats, blankets, gloves, coffee, and flasks, we watched the Watertown Red and Black crush the Vermont Ice Storm 23-9. It was such a fun time and a great way to spend a Saturday night on a crisp fall night.

A popular cheer is “first down, Watertown” whenever the Watertown Red and Black earn a first down. There were some roudy fans but overall we were impressed with Watertown’s sportsmanship and support for it’s semi-pro football team.

* Originally posted at The Sour Patch Kid Experiment (deleted 2007) on October 8, 2006. Recovered courtesy of in 2012.


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