Alexandria Bay and Sunshine

Last night, when we arrived home from a nice steak dinner, foil laid scattered across the top of the stairs. You see, Clay’s mom makes this awesome goodness of a pastry that the family calls a cinnamon roll. Our little Lucy discovered the tasty treat and took it upon herself to eat the entire roll! The joy of living with a dog…right? We started today with a cinnamon roll (no, Lucy did not have any) and coffee while discussing the 2008 election (side note, I am super excited that my political discussion buddy is home). We decided to venture up to Alexandria Bay, New York and enjoy the gorgeous day.

Keewaydin State ParkAlexandria Bay is located on the south bank of the St. Lawrence river in the 1000 Islands Region. There are 1,865 islands total of various sizes. In order for a piece of land on the St. Lawrence River to be called an island it must be above water level for 365 days per year and support at least one tree or shrub. The St. Lawrence River flows west to northeast connecting the Atlantic Ocean with the Great Lakes.

Boldt CastleGeorge Boldt (of Waldorf-Astoria Hotel) began construction of Boldt Castle on Heart Island in 1900 with aspirations to build one of the largest private homes in America. Construction suddenly ended with the death of his wife in 1904 and remained untouched for many years. In 1977, The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority bought Heart Island for $1 under the agreement that all revenue generated would go towards restoration.

So, on an unrelated note, when Clay and I were walking to pick up the pizza we passed a couple of punk teenagers…one actually coughed “you suck” in our direction…what is up with that? They’re lucky we didn’t beat them up…we totally would have…yeah, not really.


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