Ottowa or Bust

Yesterday morning we decided to venture to Ottawa, the capital of Canada. It is important to note that there is no federal district in Canada but Ottawa is part of the National Capital Region and is recognized by the world to be the “capital” of Canada. Our goal is to visit as many country capitals as we can in our lifetime (that is what you get when you cross a history/geography major with a political science/economics major) to get a taste different governments in action and experience the varying flavors of capital districts.

We love Canada and have nothing but great things to say about the friendly personalities, clean cities, rooted culture, and (of course) Tim Hortons. I (Karen) am also partial to the love of vinegar on fries…yum! So, with the help of, we set off for the Ottawa Marriott Hotel in the heart of downtown. An Irish Pub was our first stop where we rejuvenated our road trip selves with a pint of beer. We then explored the area and had a fantastic dinner at The Keg Steakhouse.

House of Commons
Canada is a constitutional monarchy (Queen Elizabeth II is head of state) and is a parliamentary democracy. Stephen Harper is the current Prime Minister of Canada and a member of the Conservative Party. Side note…we walked around the parliament park searching for a statue of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau so Clay could get a picture with the man whose wife Geraldo Rivera had ‘relations’ with…we were unsuccessful.

We stumbled into the Changing of the Guard on Parliament Hill…how cool!

Little did we know, Ribfest 2007 was taking place on Spark Street, 100 yards from our hotel. Of course we just had to sample the award winning food for lunch…look, white shirts!
All in all, we had a fabulous time in Ottawa…yet another Canadian city that we have fallen in love with. Maybe we will live there someday?


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