A Spicy Time

Over the long weekend we ventured down to West Chester, Pennsylvania to visit with Megan and Mike and experience a larger city. While we enjoy living in a sleepy NY lakeside town, it is nice to go back to the urban lifestyle we very much crave. After a late start Friday night and a stay over in Scranton, PA, we finally made it to their place in downtown West Chester Saturday morning. While dining at PF Changs (our first time…fabulous!) and taking care of wedding details certainly were fun, nothing quite compared to the 5th Annual West Chester Chili Cook Off.

While walking to the cook off, we encountered a window air conditioner soldered into the back of a conversion van…nice!


Sampling the chili…

Megan and Mike…aren’t they cute?

Of course we couldn’t leave the area without having a cheese steak which went very well with the $3 Blue Moon draft…

On our way back to Northern New York we unfortunately ate a Binghamton, NY restaurant that did not hit the spot…yuck! Sigh…we can’t wait to live in a more urban area and be able to walk to delicious restaurants and fun bars. West Chester is a great city and we highly recommend it as a perfect place for a weekend getaway. Salut!


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