New Year, No Limits

Yesterday we said goodbye to 2007, which brought pain, happiness and lessons learned. We celebrated with friends (and strangers) by attending a luau complete with homemade Hawaiian punch, pineapple, coconut shrimp, fruit kabobs and (of course) champagne.

Clay delighting (?) ears through his singing on Rock Band.

Guests really embraced the tropical theme of the evening.

No, Karen is not disgusted by her husband but from a comment across the room.

no comment

The cold northern New York weather kept the party indoors but we did not let that stop us from having a terrific tropical time. There was a bit of a damper on the evening when we had the unpleasant experience of watching Clemson lose to Auburn during overtime in the Chick-Fila Bowl at the Georgia Dome. After the game, a group of us stayed glued to ESPN due to their ringing in the New Year with “New Year No Limits” by watching Robbie Maddison attempt on the world record for the longest motorcycle jump (he did). You see, we were all astonished that ESPN had the nerve to compare the motorcycle jumper to great American athletes and exclaim that he “is not a stunt man but an athletic achiever.” We apologize in advance if we have offended any fans of motorcycle jumping but we were captivated by the ridiculousness of it all, especially the slow panned shots of his fiancée watching from the stands.

We’re excited to see what 2008 may bring and we wish all of our family and friends a wonderful new year that brings happiness and success.