Think Low and Think High

Having spent five days in Washington D.C. for business I found myself on the ‘other end.’  Usually Clay is the one who goes (and goes far), not me.  No matter how brief the business trip/TDY/deployment, I never grow tired of the butterflies, weak knees, and heightening anticipation that accompanies the moments leading to the reunion.    I admit that sweet wonderful homecomings are a reason why I find myself (more and more) enjoying and appreciating the military lifestyle.

Occasionally, people will ask why we would choose a lifestyle that keeps us apart at times and spatters dangerous events throughout the experience.  Sure, there are moments we curse but those moments are few and far between.   While we experience military-related trials and tribulations I do not believe my civilian counterparts have neither it ‘easier’ nor I have it ‘harder;’ for every life choice brings ups and downs.   So much time is wasted by those who choose to complain rather than do and I work hard to stay out of that mindset and look around, thankful for the experiences, lessons (no matter how hard they are to learn), and homecomings our life choice brings.

I’d like to share a simple Dr. Suess quote that gives me clarity during times I am caught in the ‘woe is me’ current and having difficulty thinking beyond the moment:

“Think left and think right and think low and think high.  Oh, the things you can think up if only you try!”