Filled With Coffee and Love

Filled with Coffee and Love

Whew. Talk about a whirlwind week. Weston is learning to adapt to the outside world while Clay and I are learning to care for our son in a state of exhaustion and overwhelmed with love.  We brought him home from the hospital on Wednesday and our lovely nurse tech made us pose for an official ‘going home’ picture.


On our way home, we made a stop that caters to all first-time parents needs…


He is starting to open his eyes every so often and his hair is really lightening up.  Clay and I were both blonde as children (I still am…*wink).  Each grandma thinks he looks like their respective side of the family (I think he looks like a newborn baby) and he has to wear mittens due to him scratching his face. Each morning Clay and I wake up, look at each other and say, “We can’t believe he is ours.” Isn’t life full of blessings?



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