SweetCakes, Wine, and Bunny Ears

Happy Easter. We’re in Charlotte for Part 1 of our western excursion. Destination – Yuma, AZ. Little Weston proclaimed his love for Clay at church today. Seeing the couples with young children was hard. I missed Clay. So much. But when the little guy started to fuss during the sermon we took a walk around Davidson College. The brick path, shady trees, and collegiate buildings helped put things in perspective and I ended with a better attitude.

I think the cupcakes helped too. Yesterday, Meredith insisted on taking me to a place that she thought would be a contender for the Cupcake Challenge. Last August, Meredith brought delicious cupcakes to my baby shower that had guests talking about the tasty delights. So that is how we ended up at SweetCakes Bakeryafter a relxing afternoon of lunch and shopping.

We sampled Lemon, Cookies & Cream, Mississippi Mud, and Humingbird (which I passed on due to the walnuts). Ladies and gentlemen, we have a contender for the title of best cupcake. Talk about delicious. The lemon was the perfect balance of tart and sweet and the icing was creamy and delicate. After a dinner of grilled steak and lobster tails (and too much wine for me) we ate devoured the Mississippi Mud. I am not a huge fan of chocolate overload but I conceded that it was one damn fine cupcake. I give the match to the Lemon though. Grade: A.

As far as too much wine – let’s just say that I enjoyed the conversation last night on the patio after Weston went to bed. I like those moments after 7pm. Grown-up time. As much as I love being a mom, it is nice doing something on a Saturday night the ‘old’ Karen would do. And with Meredith being the pregnant one (a girl!btw), this time around I wasn’t coveting the sweet nectar from afar like I was for pretty much all of 2009.

But this guy was totally worth all the sickness and discomfort. Not to mention all of the missed glasses of wine.


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