Yuma Adventure

We’re back! All in one piece and with newfound hated of American Airlines. Why Yuma you ask? Well, Meredith was on Spring Break and I was itching to make my inaugural flight with Weston. After a couple of emails, we decided to visit Martha, Edward, and the kids, who happen to be stationed at Yuma Proving Ground in Yuma, AZ. I grew up in Phoenix and absolutely love the dry heat and cool desert nights. I last had been out that way in 2004 when visiting Clay at OBC. Yuma also made an excellent ending location for my first flight with an infant because I did not have to travel with a car seat, stroller, pack-n-play, or any other huge baby item – they have them all and more. In the words (and tone) of Chandler Bing, can it be any more perfect? I wrapped Weston up in an Angel Pack carrier and strolled through the airport with just a tote bag for a carry-on. Bliss.

Our flight out to Yuma was nice. Continental Airlines = good. Our layover was in Houston. I am unsure of the last time that airport was cleaned. But we did stumble across a bronzed George H.W. Bush with an over-starched jacket. Photo op! We had the row to ourselves on the flight from Houston to Phoenix. I am sure when we walked on the plane, everybody seated were thinking to themselves “please don’t sit by me, please don’t sit by me!” I don’t know why…we’re just a new mom, 5 month old, and a pregnant woman who gets up to pees a lot. How is that bad? 🙂 I am happy to report that Weston is a champion flier and isn’t bothered by take-off or landing. Can’t say the same for Meredith. Just kidding.

Martha and Madison met us at the airport in Phoenix around 7pm. After dinner (fish tacos…yum), we made the 3 hour drive to Yuma. We had a blast catching up and watching the kids interact with Weston. I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with Madison and loved experiencing her world for a couple of days. Luke turned three so we celebrated with pizza, bowling, and cake. Alex and Weston held hands and shared toys. And I crashed Madison’s barbie jeep. No, I was not driving while intoxicated. I blame Mommy Brain. Luckily there were no red light cameras this time around….

We also feasted on donuts and coffee at the Goldsboro Bakery with snowbirds. No cupcakes. Insert sad emoticon here. But do you see the awesomeness that was my coffee mug? I’ll zoom in…

A wolf within a wolf. Does it get much better? I was sad to leave it behind but other patrons deserve the treasure to enjoy just as I did. I don’t think I have posted about my love for kitschy coffee mugs. Someday I will show you my collection.

On our drive back to Phoenix I was banished to the equivilant of the kids table at Thanksgiving dinner. Wedged in between two car seats, I sat in the back of a minivan, if that doesn’t screen Karen, I don’t know what does. Heh. I took in the sights of my childhood with Madison asking “Is that your house, Aunt Karen?” every 5 seconds.

Once in Phoenix we found ourselves at the Desert Botanical Gardens. It was hot but pretty. Meredith, Weston, and I spent the night in Phoenix and left on a 6am flight. We had a blast in Yuma and I am looking forward to new adventures with my little travel buddy. Thanks for hosting us Martha and Edward!


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