Shiitake Happens – My Trip to PA

Weston and I ventured up to Pennsylvania for the weekend to visit my sister Megan and her husband Mike. It was exactly what I needed. The familiar drive of I-85 to I-95 rejuvenated my spirit. Maybe it is because I made the drive frequently in college in my ’98 Eagle Talon but when I head north to Pennsylvania, I feel like I am going home. My parents moved from the shortly after I graduated Clemson, got hitched, and moved up to New York. As mentioned above, my sister and husband still live in the area. Thank goodness. Without visits to Chester County, PA, one of my favorite parts of this country, I don’t know what I would do.

Weston is an old pro at traveling so we were able to make the trip in about 7.5 hours. We arrived when Megan and Mike were still at work so Weston played while I snooped through their house and rummaged through drawers. Kidding! Weston is really becoming more alert and aware of his surroundings. Weston loves to stare at the pictures of Clay I put into a book/toy/thingy/Ihavenoideawhattocallit. I just had to snap a picture of him at Megan and Mike’s staring at his daddy in uniform.

Megan (5 months pregnant) loved playing with Weston and even gave him his first basketball hoop. Megan and Mike declined to find out the sex of their little one so we won’t know if Weston will have a new boy or girl cousin until August. If how they interacted with Weston is any indication, they will be wonderful parents.

During my time in PA, I visited with a dear friend’s mom and grandma. It was so nice to see them and have them finally meet Weston.  They showered him with gifts – be on the look out for pictures of Weston in Phillies gear in the near future.

We also went to go visit our old house. I couldn’t resist getting out of the car to get a picture with Weston. He couldn’t resist eating his fist. I never lived in the house where my parents currently live in Georgia so it doesn’t feel like home. This house is home.

Home. We were looking at the house when we noticed something in the window. What is it? Let’s zoom in and take a look.

Why, it is the new owner. Who was taking pictures of us taking pictures of their house. Perhaps she was collecting evidence? Because I don’t know about you but if I were to see a woman with a baby and a pregnant woman get out of a Volvo SUV and take pictures – well, I would assume they were casing the joint.

Megan and Mike live down the road from Highland Orchards so we just had to take Weston to feed the goats.

I play the piano. Megan and Mike do not. They have a piano. I do not. This makes me very sad. I hope to have a piano in the near future so I can teach Weston to play and appreciate music the way I do.

We walked around Kennett Square, our old hometown. We ran into my boss from when I worked as a barista at Harrington’s Coffee Shop during high school and college summers. She graciously gave me two pounds of Harrington’s #45, the best coffee known to grace the lips of man. It is seriously that good.

I am not sure if I have shared this little factoid with you, but Kennett Square is Mushroom Capitol of the World. Pretty nifty, huh? We have the Mushroom Festival, a Mushroom Parade, and of course, tons of mushroom houses. Kennett Square, PA is home. And man, did it feel good to be home and around family.

When I wrote 6 Months I was down and thought I was having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. And you know what? It wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t that terrible at all. Shiitake happens. And it will continue to happen during the deployment and after the deployment. I even bought the little guy a shirt to remind me of the fact. When shiitake happens, I just have to laugh. And laugh I will.


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