Our Reunion – Video Style

It is my turn to post a cheesy homecoming video.

It is pure velveeta – and I love it! 🙂

He is home. For now.


38 thoughts on “Our Reunion – Video Style

  1. Beautiful! I don’t have any videos of my airport reunions with my military hubby…this is such a treasure for you!

    The red shoes were a great choice 🙂 And great song choice, too! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy R&R.

  2. oh. my. stars. sitting at work bawling my little eyes out!!!!!! um, sorry about the uber shaky video camera work – i think i was so nervous (and concentrating so hard on holding back the tears) that i just couldn’t hold it steady. hope no one gets dizzy watching it. 🙂

    hope you are in pure homecoming bliss right now and enjoying your time together!!

  3. SO happy for you all!!! Weston looks so happy to have his Daddy home and looked just in awe of him. Hope you all have a fabulous R&R!!!! (shawnswifey on OHO)

  4. I don’t normally cry while watching these videos, but you got me. I’m so happy for you. You have such a beautiful family!

  5. What a beautiful video! You did such a great job of capturing the moment., and all 3 of you are just glowing! Enjoy R & R!
    P.S. Love those red shoes–you look absolutely gorgeous!

  6. yeah :)! You guys are awesome. Welcome home Clay! 🙂 Karen-you make it look so easy. Honestly…Army wife with total grace.

  7. So I totally am bawling my eyes out…so touching! Enjoy every minute together!!

    PS You look amazing, great choice on the outfit 🙂

  8. i just watched this and bawled my eyes out. so fun. also, just discovered your blog and have been forced to put my 6 month old in the exersaucer and my 2 yr old in front of sesame street so i could read a little bit. my husband (Air Force, though we’re stationed now at Fort Bragg… just arrived) graduated from Clemson in 2005… which is terrible, considering the fact that i went to the univ. of south carolina (go gamecocks!)

  9. also. apparently he and your husband were in Scabbard and Blade together–my husband was the treasurer and i think yours was the president. small world!

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