Weston’s First Birthday Party

I am typing this post from Ocracoke Island, North Carolina. The island is very quaint and I feel as if I am transported back in time – except for the whole using wi-fi on the balcony of our hotel suite but that is just a minor detail. I am sure Blackbeard would have embraced the technology if available. Argh matey!

Anyways. This past Saturday we celebrated Weston’s 1st birthday in style. While not technically his one-year anniversary, October 9th worked best for our schedules (and the Army’s!). The festivities were family only – just the way we wanted it. My parents; Clay’s parents; Meredith, Harry, and AlainaMegan, Mike, and Mikey; Scott (my brother) and Kelly (his fiance), and Julie (my youngest sister) and James (boyfriend). Martha and crew did not attend, seeing as how they live in Yuma, AZ.

I am also happy to report that Clay and I were officially asked to be a groomsman and a bridesmaid for Scott and Kelly. They’re getting married next winter, the day before our 7th anniversary. Scott and Kelly will have some big shoes to fill but no pressure guys, no pressure. Okay then, the rest of the post is very birthday-centered. You have been warned.

You can’t get the party started without an invitation!

I hope the party wasn’t too lame. Clay and I tried to make it fun for the adults – encouraging football watching, beer-drinking, corn-hole playing, and adult conversation. As much as we love the little guy, there is only so much baby-centered birthday activities a person can take, myself included. 🙂

I remember reading about Crystal and her brilliant idea for birthday linensduring a time when I wasn’t pregnant but desperately wanting to be. I loved the idea and made note that whenever we got around to having a child, I was going to make birthday linens for his/her first birthday. And I did.

Weston is obsessed with kitchen cupboards, pots, pans, and the like. So we decided to get him a small wooden kitchen as this birthday gift. He loved it! Clay and I enjoyed building it together the day before the party.

Typical parent scene on birthdays/Christmas…

Clay’s parents introduced Weston to the wonderful work of vacuuming (package Clay is opening above). We took it with us to the Outer Banks and as I type this post, Weston is pushing the vacuum around the suite with a smile. My parents introduced Weston to the wonderful world of grocery carts. His face lit up when he realized that he can put things in and takes things out of the cart while pushing it around the hardwood floor. I can’t get over how cute the grocery cart is – Melissa and Doug certainly make adorable toys.

Weston showing off his acrobatic skills learned at The Little Gym. Please ignore my Madonna-like arms. Yuck!

The cupcakes and football cake I made late the night before the party. Anything for my sweet little boy. If I don’t say so myself, the cupcakes were fabulous!

Weston thought so too!

And last, but not least, Mikey and Alaina (aren’t the too cute for words?). They are only a few weeks apart and as you can see, they partied their hats off.

We feel so blessed to have family members that are so willing and able to be involved in Weston’s life. He is certainly a lucky little boy. We’re lucky too. Very lucky.


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