Happy Halloween!

Clay and I have never really been fans of store-bought costumes when dressing up for Halloween. To us, a great deal of fun lies in the challenge of the assembly and seeing what crazy ensemble we can throw together. So this Halloween, I decided to carry on this tradition with our child, and make his very first Halloween costume. Besides, I hate spending money on an outfit he will wear once when I can put the money towards useful things, like shoes and purses for me.

However, I admit that I pretty much phoned in Weston’s costume this year (deployed husband, not really in the spirit, blah, blah, blah, excuses, excuses, excuses) because I didn’t use an original idea. But I did manage to whip up this costume during his nap yesterday – just in time for a party at his gym.

Just some colored foam sheets, a little hot glue, a strip of white fabric, a black marker, and a couple of stitches later, I had myself a little chick magnet.

Easy peasy project. Clay left for JRTC last Halloween, leaving a brand new baby and an overwhelmed new mother behind. For the past six years, Clay and I have only been able to spend Halloween together once (2007)…ummm thanks Army? We miss him this year but hopefully next year, we can dress up as a family in our new, yet to be disclosed, location.

Happy Halloween!


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