So Very Thankful

Warning! An image obese post is ahead…

On Thanksgiving morning, I woke up at 5:30am to the yelps of Weston in his packn’play, which was about two feet from my head.  After giving him my Blackberry did not appease him, I begrudgingly swung my feet over the futon, much to his delight. After coffee, I was reminded of all that I have to be thankful for. Like cooler temperatures. And freezing rain. And sleet. I miss the North!

Soon after waking up, Weston and Mikey decided to have a stare-off to settle a dispute they were having – roasted turkey vs. fried turkey. Mike’s family arrived late morning and we all got right to work drinking, eating, cooking, watching football, and socializing.

Speaking of being thankful, we were also able to Skype with Clay!  It was the first time Weston and I had ‘seen’ Clay since we dropped him off at the airport at the end of his R&R. The connection was awful and the video kept blacking out but nonetheless, it was great being able to spend 10 minutes seeing each other on a holiday that is about spending time with family.

My sisters and I managed to slow down long enough to snap a picture. Megan did a wonderful job cooking the majority of the appetizers, side dishes, and keeping everything organized, while Uncle Ken roasted a turkey and Joe deep fried a turkey.

Having never seen the process nor tasting one before, I was especially stoked to witness the deep frying of the turkey. An expert of all things related to deep frying a turkey, Joe followed all safety precautions to a T and prevented us from becoming a statistic. Thank you Joe!

As host, Mike had the honor of dropping the turkey in the fryer. Slow and steady is the name of the game. People were taking pictures and I believe my mom was even recording the event, so Mike had a lot of pressure to perform the task perfectly. Luckily, he didn’t choke and our Thanksgiving wasn’t reminiscent of Bill Buckner in 1986.

Some deep fried turkey deliciousness.

Mike’s family always starts off Thanksgiving meal with a bowl of Uncle Ken’s famous squash soup. It did not disappoint this year and Uncle Ken proved his worth in the kitchen yet again.

The obligatory all-the-food-we-ate picture. Having had 11 people seated at the dining room table, we decided that buffet style was the best way to serve the food. We had a roasted turkey, a fried turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberries, pickled beets, coleslaw, green beans w/ hazelnuts and gorgonzola, a mediterranean salad, creamed corn, rolls, and pearl onions.

It just isn’t Thanksgiving without someone gnawing on a turkey leg.

Or a vast array of wines, including homemade wine bottled by Megan and Mike.

I made my skillet apple pie but sadly forget to take a before picture. And Mike’s mom made pumpkin pie, which was a huge hit of course.

The day would have been perfect if Clay were there, as well as my brother Scott and his fiance Kelly. But while the family wasn’t complete, our hearts were full and we were thankful for the opportunity to spend time together and enjoy the company of the ones we love. It was great seeing Mike’s family and I always have a good time when they’re around. Thanksgiving was the last holiday Clay will miss and the last big hurdle to cross before his homecoming. Not too much longer!!!


We’re Moving To…

The Sooner State

After the new year, we will make the 1300 mile trek to Oklahoma and become the newest residents of the prairie. I will finally be able to put to use skills learned while playing The Oregon Trail. Hopefully I won’t succumb to typhoid or dysentery, our oxen will survive the journey, and our conestoga wagon doesn’t sink in the mighty Mississippi.

So get ready Oklahoma, we’re a’comin’!

Let the Countdown Begin!

Any spouse of a deployed service members knows that when she/he receives a Tough Box in the mail, the deployment is nearing the end. A welcome sign. And wouldn’t you know, a Tough Box from Afghanistan was waiting for me pick up at the post office when I arrived home form a quick trip to Wilmington.

I know what you’re thinking…did my husband fill the Tough Box with exotic gifts for his beloved wife? Nope. Just uniforms and the like.

It’s okay. I’ll take old uniforms if it means my husband is coming home soon.