We’re Moving To…

The Sooner State

After the new year, we will make the 1300 mile trek to Oklahoma and become the newest residents of the prairie. I will finally be able to put to use skills learned while playing The Oregon Trail. Hopefully I won’t succumb to typhoid or dysentery, our oxen will survive the journey, and our conestoga wagon doesn’t sink in the mighty Mississippi.

So get ready Oklahoma, we’re a’comin’!


10 thoughts on “We’re Moving To…

  1. I hear it’s best to ford the rivers. 😉

    Congrats on the new state (does that even make sense haha), personally I think it’d be a fun state to explore!

  2. Wouln’t have been my first choice – but then “choice” may not have been part of the equation. See you in a couple of days.
    Uncle Ken

  3. So…. Maybe Lawton isn’t the *best* place in Oklahoma to live (and having grown up in Oklahoma I’d like to point out that it is NOT an accurate representation of the rest of the state) BUT we really loved our time in Lawton – we made great friends and had a good time. Hope it’s as good to you as it was to us!

  4. Karen, my husband and I spent the first 3.5 years of his career at Ft. Sill. I cried on our wedding day because I knew we’d soon move to OK. (I’m from the New England and never knew anyone that had lived there.) It was a tough adjustment, but then again, it was my first time living outside New England and more than one state away from my family.
    Over those 3.5 years we got used to life out there. We found many, many bright sides. In fact for quite a while when we moved to where we are now, we were wishing we could go back to OK. It is a slower pace of life, but the benefit of that it it seems like everything is VERY family oriented.
    If you ever have any questions, I’d be more than happy to share my thoughts on OK. I know it seems like a random and awkward place, but maybe you’ll get used to it (and like it!) like I did. Good luck!

  5. I hope you get a dress like the one in the picture! OK, did a little research on who is FROM Oklahoma. A whole lotta country music greats (no big surprise)…but what about Brad Pitt, Dr. Phil, Joan Crawford, Lon Chaney, Paul Harvey, Johnny Bench, Ron Howard, Mickey Mantle…maybe someday the list will read Weston Huffman (with a little footnote that he actually moved there at age one but was made an honorary Oklahoman)

  6. Hmmmm. Good ‘ol Oklahoma. We just left there. (Thank goodness!) But I must say that the people there are very warm and friendly and OKC isn’t a bad little city. We stayed a fab B&B there last year. Good luck with your move.

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