A Different Kind of Honeymoon

Clay has been home for one week. Needless to say, it has been a fantastic week. He jumped right back into fatherhood and with the exception of the (understandable) adjustment to ‘life with a child’ sleep schedule, things couldn’t be going smoother. The honeymoon period has been different this time around. After all, last time, we were sans Weston. That means that we stayed up late, ate at too many restaurants, spent money on TVs, cars, and other life is greatpurchases, took advantage of the Sackets Harbor bar scene, and (in my mind) lived like rock stars for a month or so.

Now we have this adorable little guy. We’re still eating at too many restaurants but they’re only ones with high chairs. The bar scene is now limited to our living room after 7pm, and we’re in bed by 11pm so we can avoid being zombies the next morning. Such a rock star life, right? But you know what? I wouldn’t trade it for the world. For as much as I struggled with motherhood during the newborn days, I wake up every morning not wanting to wait a moment later to spend time with my son and (now) my husband. This is what life is about. Plus my new iPhone4 totally rocks. So life is pretty much complete. And if not, I am sure there is app to help fill the gaps.


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