In Another State

See my feet on the dashboard? This is a wonderful sight because it means that I am not driving! After a year of road trips involving just me, the little guy, and Lucy, I am very excited to be only a passenger on our Christmas/New Year road trip. Also a wonderful sight? The gorgeous snow. I snapped the above picture during our drive from Wilmington, NC to Charlotte, NC.

We went to Charlotte to visit this beautiful little girl. And to visit Meredith and Harry. But mainly to see Alaina. We exchanged presents and ended up trying a couple of new games we gifted each other. We all have a love of board games and have spent many hours playing them well into the night. Wine and sarcasm are necessary to participate.

Qwirkle, a delightful game of strategy, was given to us by Meredith and Harry. Guess what? I stunk. The game is approved by Mensa so I am not quite sure what that says about my intelligence. Apparently not much. Regardless, it is a very fun game and I am glad Clay and I are now proud owners of the game. House guests? Prepared to be animated. Grade = A.

Meredith and Harry weren’t so lucky. Clay and I gave them Name 5. I picked it up solely based on the description. I now know not to give games as a gift without playing them first because Name 5 sucked. Too easy, dumb categories, and not fun. We laughed some but not nearly enough. Sorry guys! Grade = D.

This morning, it was time to say goodbye and make our way to my parents in GA.

We noticed that Santa Claus traded in his sleigh for a mid-90s Toyota Corolla (wouldn’t you?) and stopped at the same gas station as us in Anderson, SC. He must have been on the lookout for legal fireworks.

So we’re now in GA. We will ring in the new year as a family and then Clay and I will take a solo scouting trip to Oklahoma in hopes of finding a house to rent and enjoying a post-deployment (sans Weston) vacation.  Who needs an all-inclusive resort when you can stay at a Hampton Inn and look at crime statistics?


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