Back from Pennsylvania – We Miss Wawa

We’re back in Raleigh for a couple of days before heading out to Georgia to visit with extended family visiting my parents. We had two showings over the weekend while we were up in West Chester but sadly, no offers (yet). We’re remaining hopeful that the perfect buyer is out there, just salivating at the thought of a house like ours. We lowered the price a bit, just in effort to sell it quickly so we can start the buying process on our (soon to be found) perfect place in Oklahoma. Okay, enough with the real estate talk, let’s move on to our wonderful weekend.

My sister took tons of pictures this weekend but for some unknown reason, her memory card decided to eat the pictures as if it were a patron at the Old County Buffet starting the Atkins Diet the next day. So the only pictures I have to offer are those taken by my iPhone. So no pictures of Weston’s first time sledding. Boo. Oh well, here is just a sliver of what we did…

We saw this pork chop. Such a happy and adorably chubby baby!

We did what most parents do on a Saturday afternoon – take the family toVictory Brewery. In addition to the award winning beer, we also sampled a lot of different food. Talk about delicious. My favorite was the hand-tossed pretzel with mustard and cheese sauce. My mouth is watering just thinking of the pretzel and a pint of HopDevil Ale.

Mikey showed Weston his crib, MTV style.

We went to what just may be one of my favorite boutique stores EVAH. A Taste of Olive. Seriously, if you’re ever in the vicinity of Philadelphia, haul your bottom to West Chester and go to this store. You will NOT be disappointed. There aredozens of vinegars and olive oils on tap for you to sample. Yes, sample. And then you have a salesperson fill a bottle of your choice from the tap. This vinegar lover was in heaven. I wanted to buy fifty million bottles of everything but since we’re moving soon, I limited myself to one bottle of the pineapple balsamic vinegar. I am so excited to try it on a salad! In fact, as I write this post, Clay is out picking up a New York pizza and a fresh garden salad. I can’t wait…pineapple balsamic vinegar, here I come!


We had Sunday Brunch at the Market Street Grill. Yet another meal that exceeded expectations. Clay and I split the Grilled Cheese Eggs Benedict and 3 Blueberry Pancakes. Weston helped himself to both.

Clay finally got to experience Wegmans for himself. Too bad there aren’t any in Lawton, Oklahoma. In fact, Super Walmart and the commissary appear to be my only grocery options out there. Hrmph.

And best of all, I got to see my sister for one last time before we leave the East Coast. Clay took this picture of us as we sat in front of the fire. We hosted a feast of pulled pork sandwiches with homemade (by Clay) BBQ sauce, sweet potato fries, and coleslaw for Mike’s mother and Joe (he of fried turkey fame). We drank a lot of homemade wine, enjoyed Weston and Mikey, and shared many laughs. In other words, a perfect weekend.


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