Stomping in Georgia

Hola. We’re in Georgia now, where we just said goodbye to my Uncle Mike and Aunt Sue, who are leaving the land of sweet peaches to go back to the frozen tundra known was Michigan. I have mentioned that I am from Michigan, right? Much of my extended family still live therea nd most have even forgiven me for marrying an Ohio boy. Michigan really is a special place, despite what you may have heard about Detroit. The lakes in northern Michigan, the cherries, and the fresh fish all embody the attitude necessary for relaxation and rest. There is nothing like the summers in northern Michigan. Nothing. Even the mosquitos can’t destroy the magic. And the people are pretty cool too. Where else can you find people who (in the middle of making dinner) have a dance party to a live Neil Diamond record. Cherry, Cherry, indeed. Sadly, I was too busy bustin’ a groove to the sweet tunes to capture a picture.

I did, however, manage to get Weston dancing along to a Connie Francis children’s album.  Unfortunately, the only move in Weston’s dance bag is the hillbilly stomp…appropriate for a hoedown but not so much for other genres. Clay and I keep trying to teach him the sprinkler, lawnmower, and the grocery cart but he just continues to stomp. And stomp. So we had a wonderful visit with my parents, Julie, Uncle Mike, Aunt Sue, and Grandma but we’re looking forward to getting back to Raleigh, packing everything up, and beginning the move to Oklahoma. Sooner (get it?) or later, we will finally call Oklahoma home.


Home! Sweet home!


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