Getting Ready…

Clay and I have consumed copious amounts of DayQuil, Emergence-C, and coffee in effort to battle through the day with nasty colds and extremely early wake-up calls, courtesy of our (still) teething son. We’re leaving Sunday – less than 48 hours – and we’re scrambling around town and racing in our house from room to room, trying to get the house ready so it shows well during our absence. We did manage to squeeze in one last trip to our favorite tap room. Because colds be damned, we’re going to partake in the important things of life, like beer and baked pretzels.

But you know what? If early wake up calls are the price we have to pay for being parents to this extraordinary little guy, then it all worth it in the end. We are blessed. So very blessed. And filled with coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.


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