Oklahoma Road Trip – Day 3

Spoiler Alert! We’re in Lawton, OK. We arrived mid-afternoon and have been busy securing storage units, a temporary apartment (pictures soon), and looking at the neighborhood we would like to purchase our future home in. We’re now in the hotel eating pizza and salad from Luigi Express and drinking some much deserved beer…all while the little guy sleeps. Snowmageddon is scheduled to occur overnight and into tomorrow so the next couple of days should be interesting.

Now that I have caught you up-to-date, let’s recap our drive from Arkansas to Oklahoma. I must warn you, it isn’t really all that interesting. The stops were short and sweet, for we were focused on getting to Lawton as soon as possible. Rumor has it that the entire town shuts down during a snow storm and from what we have seen so far, it isn’t too far from the truth.

We started our 6 hour drive with some much needed fuel.

After a couple of hours through the Ozarks, we crossed into our new home state. For now.

We ventured into Okemah, Oklahoma in hopes of finding a diner to eat lunch at. We learned the small (pop. 3000) town was the birthplace of Woody Guthrie. Regrettably, I didn’t snap a picture of the really cool mural of Mr. Guthrie…maybe next time!

We found a diner that was quite tasty. However, it was after the fact that we discovered it was a local chain – so it wasn’t as quirky of a diner as we had originally hoped. However, they did serve a mean root beer float…yum!

Weston couldn’t take his eyes off of my float.

So I just had to let him try it.

He wasn’t a fan. Weirdo.

After lunch, we continued our drive toward Lawton.

And soon enough, we arrived!

And here we are.

In Lawton, OK.

Jealous much?


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