Getting (sort of) Settled Under Bright Blue Skies

The predicted snowstorm came and went, leaving the area with one to four inches of snow. Isn’t it so very pretty?

We have been spending our days doing all of the little annoying things associated with moving to a new state. We are also driving around, looking for our future home/land – all while praying that we move into our home sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, this will be our residence. We signed a six month lease for a two bedroom/two bathroom apartment. With over 1100 square feet, it will be large enough to accommodate our little family and although I went into the notion of renting an apartment kicking and screaming, the place isn’t too bad. It’s new, clean, and has an onsite pool, hot tub, and fitness facility, so it could be a lot worse.

Although, I think Clay feels a bit bad for whisking me away to Oklahoma. Last night, when he went to pick up dinner for us, he surprised me with a cup self-serve frozen yogurt…my favorite! He got me a combination of pomegranate and mango frozen yogurt topped with fresh fruit.  Doesn’t he know me so well? And it was delicious. So super tasty.

Cache, Oklahoma.


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