Back in Black Yoga Pants

Hallelujah! My Internet use is no longer limited to the 2×4 confines of my iPhone. We now officially have Internet in our apartment. How people lived fulfilling lives before 1993 is beyond me (I am kidding…sort of). Clay and I have decided to go sans cable during our time in the apartment and foolishly forgot to pack any sort of games. Therefore, our last couple of nights were limited to some old fashioned entertainment and Red Box movies on the computer. But not any more…we have Internet! And I can for realsies blog again! Can you tell I am excited?

To catch you up to speed with how we have been spending our time, let’s go ahead and look at some pictures.

We gave Weston one last ride on the luggage cart before our leaving our hotel. And blah, blah, blah – I am sure there are some people who are aghast that he is partaking in such an activity without a helmet or knee pads, but we prefer our son not to look like a nerd as he cascades through hotel lobbies.

We also moved into our temporary dwelling. We’re living minimally in hopes of buying a house soon. Anyone know any spells or the like to increase the likely hood of selling a house? If so, please pass them along!

Weston annihilated us in the Peg Game at Cracker Barrel. Watch out Watson!

We think we have found where we want to buy a house. Hint – it is near this view.

And this one.

And finally, we celebrated Valentines Day because commercialism told us that not doing so would be un-American. Yay for cupcakes and cheesy cards.

And now you are caught up. I can’t wait to start blogging on a daily basis again…I have so much to say about our new location. Some good. Some bad. But you know what? I think I am going to like it here. The little guy and I head back to North Carolina next week for a month or so and then it will officially be goodbyeNorth Carolina and hello Oklahoma.


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