Oklahoma Road Trip – Day 1

This is me at 8:15 this morning as we pulled Clay’s truck out of the driveway. Too little coffee, too much fussing from the little guy, and too much coaxing of a cat into a travel carrier (it involved a broom, a can of Pounce, and the strength of two adults to drag Desi out from under our bed. Oh, and his travel carrier meant for a small dog, because he is Jaba the Hut huge.

This picture doesn’t do him justice.

After about four hours on I-40, we stopped in Asheville, NC for lunch. We decided to try a place in historic Biltmore Village, which is entirely within in the city limits of Asheville. As per Wikipedia, George W. Vanderbilt created the town as a ‘company town’ for the estate workers. As it is today, Biltmore Village is very charming and filled with quaint little restaurants and shops.

We found the perfect place for a family lunch – Village Wayside Bar and Grille. Since they advertised being pleasers of slightly dysfunctional people, we figured they wouldn’t do us wrong.

Weston loved being out of his car seat and flirted relentlessly with our waitress.

Everything on the menu looked fantastic! Clay settled on a cup of potato soup and the reuben, while I ordered the Veggie Delight (pictured) – hummus, lettuce, tomato, red onion, sprouts, cucumber, and avocado on whole wheat bread. Very delicious, even Clay agreed!

After lunch, we hoped back on I-40 and made our way through the Smokey Mountains. I stared straight ahead and managed not to get car sick. Woohoo!

We even saw the rest stop where Clay’s parents left him behind and didn’t realize the fact until they were 30 miles down the road. In their defense, Clay was 16 so he was just fine sitting at the picnic table eating a bag of chips from the vending machine, hoping his parents realized their error before dark. Don’t worry, the story has a happy ending. Clay didn’t end up on milk cartons or those pesky fliers received in the mail. About an hour after the abandonment, parents and son were reunited.

And now we’re in Nashville, TN for the night. We’re watching the Super Bowl in the living area while the little guy sleeps in the bedroom…thank goodness for hotel suites! We managed the score some free beer and veggies from the Manager’s Reception and while doing so, nearly avoided getting trampled by a tour bus group comprised of our elders. We quickly learned not to get between midwest retired folk and their free food and drinks. Luckily, no canes were swung and no hips were displaced.

Tomorrow is Memphis, TN and Little Rock, AR…until then, may the schwartz be with you.


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