Bright & Fun – Rental House

The nursery we created for Weston in our North Carolina house was very calm and filled with muted tones and patterns – perfect for a little baby boy.
But then he grew up.


And we moved to Oklahoma.
And a muted and calm room would not have worked for the now curious little boy.
So far, we painted his room blue.
His room is still a work in progress. But it is getting there. It is becoming the bright and fun room we envisioned for our little boy.
And guess what? The paper lanterns I ordered from Amazon finally arrived.


To hang the lanterns, I swiped the rogue hook that was in our family room.
Why it was there, I have no idea.


I screwed the hook into the ceiling of Weston’s room.


I then used some fishing line I had deep within my craft dresser.


And strung them in a group of three.
They’re so much fun and the little guy LOVES to look at them while laying in bed.
Weston’s room has the tallest ceilings in the house (10 feet) so I have a couple of ideas on how to combat the dead space between the art on the walls and the ceiling…stay tuned!

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