I’ll Take S Words for $400, Alex – Rental House

I tried to find a video of the SNL Celebrity Jeopardy sketch where Darrel Hammond as Sean Connery says, “I’ll take swords for $400, Alex,” misreading “s” words as swords. Good stuff. Not as good as Norm Macdonald’s Turd Fergeson/Burt Reynolds, but still good stuff. Because of my Google fail, you will have to settle for this picture…


Or this picture…
It’s okay, you can thank me later.
Like most normal people, we’ve had a couple of swords sitting on the counter for the past couple of days, waiting to discover their fate of where they will be displayed in this house. The swords are Clay’s – he received one for being the battalion commander of the ROTC program his senior year at Clemson University, and the other one his men gave him after his tenure as an XO for an Infantry Company in a Cavalry Unit (following that?). Because they’re a part of our military life and symbolize different adventures, we knew we wanted to display them rather than have them tucked away in a closet.


After some deliberation, fueled by wine and an DVR’ed episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, we decided to hang the swords in the entryway. That’s right ladies and gentleman, Friday nights are cray-zay around these parts.


Simple screws are used to hold up the swords.
I like the way the sunlight hits the metal. Shiny things make me happy.
Do you have any swords in your house?


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