Storage + Art = Rental Win

I previously shared with you the space where I do the majority of my writing. It is in the office/guest room and I was able to create the look with everything we already owned. If you move every couple of years like us, you know how difficult (and expensive!) it can be to continuously creating functional and stylish spaces.
I knew I wanted to put something above the television to balance out the shelf above the desk and the (unseen) mirror above the bookcase. I originally thought I would use a poster of Montreal (one of our favorite cities) that we can’t seem to part with but then I remembered that our guitars were still sitting out in the garage. I decided that I could kill two birds with one stone (that saying is quite morbid, is it not?) and store the guitars on the wall as art. As most renters know, storage is at a premium so don’t be afraid to use wall space to store pretty things.
Hanging the guitars was actually quite simple. After realizing that two guitar hangers would set our bank account back at least $30, I decided that I could easily make them for a fraction of the price. I simply bought two wood fence toppers (bonus – they came with a pre-drilled hole) for $2 each and two tool hangers (actual name) for $1.09 a piece at the our local hardware store. The paint I already had on hand, same with the (not pictured) black permanent marker.
I painted the fence toppers a pretty shade of beige/gray. I figured since they were going to be mounted on the wall, I wanted some contrast with the wall color but not a lot. This color is perfect for such case. I then color the red pieces of rubber on the tool hangers with the black marker. After about drying for 3 minutes or so, I rubbed some of it off in order to allow of the red to poke through. I like the red, just not as bright as it’s original form.

I simply screwed the tool hangers into the painted fence toppers and then drilled the fence toppers into the wall. Easy peasy. <— I actually don’t really care for that saying – I am not sure why I type it so much…

Quite the difference, huh?
Our little guy just loves the giraffe and the tiger (both purchased at TJ Maxx last year) by the television. I’ll admit that they’re starting to grow on me there. The guest room/office is really starting to come together and I am excited to show off some projects I have up my sleeve. But for now, the guitairs-as-art will have to do.


Side boob shot.
Do you have guitars hanging in your home?


2 thoughts on “Storage + Art = Rental Win

  1. OOPs peel and stick. If you are Really going inexpensive, super glue pencil erasers on the wall right where the bottom of the guitar would normally scrape the wall. 🙂

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