Ottoman as a Coffee Table – Rental House

Using an Ottoman as a Coffee Table

When we bought our small sectional, I let Clay talk me into getting a matching ottoman instead of a traditional coffee table. We’re a lay on the couch together type of family so we love being able to stretch our legs instead of being forced to sit all prim and proper when watching Jersey Shore. Life is too short not to sprawl out on the couch with a rum and coke, right? But a little part of me misses having a traditional coffee table and a sliver part of me wonders if the ottoman is a bit too monochromatic. Maybe a rug will help break things up?

Can you spot our dog, Lucy? You can see the small wood tray I bought to hold remotes, drinks, and the like so we’d have a hard surface to work with (that’s what she said) when we would need it. Believe it or not, it is one of my favorite things in the room. Who knew I would love a $6 simple wood tray so much? So while I may miss having a regular ol’ coffee table on occasion, I am happy that on any given day, the ottoman can serve as a desk, table, or launching pad for a toddler who loves to jump. A traditional coffee table may not be up for performing the same functions.
Just check out the way that tray holds the TV remote and Wii remote.
Such a clutch performer.
And one last wide shot of our (in progress) family room. Like my half-finished frame project above the desk? Speaking of the desk, the other day I got the idea to paint it a fun color. The desk was scratched pretty bad in the move so I need to refinish it anyway. For whatever reason, I can’t get yellow out of my head. Am I crazy?
Do you use an ottoman as a coffee table?

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