What About the Pantry – Rental House

We actually don’t have a pantry in this rental house. Well not a formal pantry at least. I suppose that would be a deal breaker for some but I never let a little obstacle get me down, which is why I made three upper level cupboards in the kitchen our pantry. This means that my pantry does not look like this…


Okay, seriously? That is a gorgeous pantry. But it is also 100% unrealistic (at least in my world) and probably owned by a fabulous couple sans a curious toddler with an insatiable thirst for climbing. They probably take kick-ass vacations and always order in because who has time to cook when you live as fabulous as them? In other words, this pantry is not for me. Because the last thing I need is a visit from Child Protective Services because my son has shards of glass covering 85% of his body. That pantry sure is pretty though.
This is our pantry.
It’s okay. I’ll wait for you to wipe the drool off of your chin. I know most renters dream about giving up cupboard space for dry goods. And I know what you’re thinking, “Where in the dickens do you store your quesadilla maker?” Have no fear. We always make room for the quesadilla maker, my friends.

If you think about it, we’re so retro. We are channeling an era when cupboards weren’t limited to storing kitchen machines and utensils. I’ll admit that a small part of me misses having a formal pantry but honestly, I don’t mind having to use cupboard space. It forces me not to over buy and be more cautious of what I bring into the house.

However, if lack a formal pantry and you’re unwilling or unable to sacrifice cupboard space, there are non-permanent storage solutions for your dry goods, like a bookcase. We actually used a bookcase for a pantry in our second apartment in upstate New York because it had no formal pantry. I found a neat little tutorial at Running With Scissors for converting a basic bookcase into a pantry with doors. Of course you will need the space to put such a piece, but for those with an empty wall in the kitchen or dining room in their rental house/apartment, this option could work.

A quick browse on Pinterest illustrates the Pantry Porn that is readily accessible on the Internet. Almost scarily so. Gorgeous organized pantries with clear jars filled with dry goods. I just have to ask, where do these people store the peanut butter?

What does your pantry look like?

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