Food and Drink of Alaska

As you read this, we’re on the road again to Dallas/Ft. Worth so we can catch a flight to Wilmington, North Carolina. This will be a quick trip – we’re attending the wedding of a soldier from Clay’s company this past deployment. I just love military weddings and always get excited at the chance to see my man in his dress blues. Last time we were dressed up for a military event, I was 8 weeks pregnant and unable to partake in a lot of the festivities. Not this time. The little guy is going to stay with Grandma and Grandpa and we’re heading up to Raleigh to party with friends and celebrate a marriage. Have I mentioned just how much I love weddings?

But moving on to what we ate and drank in Alaska. In full disclosure, I gained about four pounds this trip but it was worth every calorie consumed.

I had a mango pineapple cupcake in downtown Anchorage at the Market & Festival by the water.

We had bear breakfast sausage from a bear that Aaron shot (hunted) himself.

Weston (much to my horror) loved it.

Clay said it was okay.

hated it.

I made sure to consume an adequate amount of beer from the Alaskan Brewing Company.

You know, to support the local economy.

It’s my civic duty, ahem.

I even cooked! This is fresh halibut (courtesy of Aaron) that I made with a garlic butter sauce. Yes, it was delicious.

Clay and I ordered pasties at The Roadhouse in Talkeetna. I had mine with a salad and Clay chose the Hungarian mushroom soup. However, I didn’t know they were filled with reindeer meat. Once I learned this fact, I couldn’t eat the rest of it. Sorry, Rudolph.

An elephant ear with cinnamon and sugar at the Alaska State Fair.

More beer.

Smoked salmon spread from The Moose’s Tooth.

Margherita pizza from The Moose’s Tooth. It was seriously one of the best pizza’s I’ve ever had. And this is coming from a girl who prefers NY style, extra greasy, with cheese sliding down my arm after doing the fold over.

Halibut fish & chips at Humpy’s Alehouse.


And finally, the best thing I ate in Alaska was Copper River Salmon that Aaron caught himself. I prepared it simply, pairing it with garlic rice and roasted tomatoes. I forget to take a picture! So here is a picture of the Copper River instead. Such a beautiful aquatic creature. And quite delicious too. Here is the funny thing – I hated salmon up until this trip. It turns out, I had just never had good salmon before. Funny how life is sometimes.


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