Our Labor Day Weekend

I hope everybody had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. We’re back from Wilmington and for those keeping track, this means that in a span of 7 days, we went from hanging out on the Pacific in Alaska to chillin’ at the Atlantic in North Carolina. We’re tired but happy that we gathered the energy to make the trip back east. It was nice seeing Clay’s parents and we had a blast at the wedding of dear friends. Clay and I made our way up to Raleigh on Saturday morning and stayed through Sunday afternoon. After checking into our hotel, we headed downtown for lunch and a drink.

We ended up at The Raleigh Times Bar. Believe it or not, despite living in the area for two and half years, it was our first time at the place. We’ve heard people rave about it before and decided that we couldn’t pass it by this trip. I opted for a wheat beer and Clay went with a fall blend that our waiter described as Thanksgiving in a glass.

Clay had beef steamed pastrami with house made kraut, melted gruyere and spicy brown mustard on rye. I had a blackened chicken romaine salad, which had grilled romaine hearts, cherry tomatoes, red onions, garlic croutons, and an avocado jalapeno dressing. Both were delicious. And the fries were perfect with malt vinegar and our beers.


After walking around downtown, we headed back to our hotel and got ready for the wedding. The ceremony and reception were held at The Rand Bryan House, a historic 19th century residence. The bride was beautiful and the groom quite dashing in his uniform. It was nice seeing friends again and having a child-free evening.


After brunch on Sunday morning, we drove back down to Wilmington, excited to see our little guy. Grandma and Grandpa gave him a glowing report card and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Weston. We relaxed Sunday afternoon and then all went to Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn for dinner. Anyone who is familiar with Wilmington has more than likely heard about this quirky gem. If you’re ever in the area, you must have a burrito here. Delicious.

In my world, it doesn’t get much better than the pineapple salsa at Flaming Amy’s. It is simply pineapple, cilantro, salt, and jalapeno peppers. One of my goals this week is to make this creation myself. Lofty goals over here people, lofty goals.


After dinner, we went for a walk along Carolina Beach before heading back to Clay’s parents. Before bed, we watched an interesting CNBC documentary about American Airlines that painted a pretty dire picture about flying in the United States. Having flown a fair amount as a child, the differences between then and now are quite jarring. Flying certainly isn’t what it used to be and I have to wonder how much worse can it actually get.

We woke up at 4:30am to catch an early flight. After a layover in Atlanta, we arrived at DFW around lunch time. Luckily, the weather didn’t impact our trip at all and we were delay free the entire time. It was a quick trip to North Carolina but one that we’re glad we took. But we’re looking forward to staying put for the month of September and exploring the local area a bit. The temperatures will be in the 80s this week so I think we’re going to spend a lot of time outside. Hallelujah!


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