$20 Swingset Improvement – Rental House

After a short trip to the east coast, we’re back and ready to tackle more projects. However, I am finding that my momentum to blog such decorating endeavors is beginning to slow to a snails pace. Maybe because the summer from hell in Oklahoma is beginning to fade or maybe because I am overwhelmed by the design blogging world. But enough blah blah blah blog talk, let’s take a look at some changes I made to the existing swing set in the backyard.

This is a picture of the swing set the day we moved in. We have made some changes to the backyard since then (example 1 and example 2), but we’ve mainly kept it as-is (except for weeding, removing stumps, etc…), because who wants to dump a lot of money into a yard they don’t own and can’t take with them when they move? As you can see, the swing set was in rough shape. In fact, the landlord offered to dismantle it and haul it away but I told him that I could salvage it. The structure is fairly sound and the slide, monkey bars, and ladder (sort of) were safe to use. However, the wood was faded, the swings in sad shape, and the tarp cover just complete tattered due to the Oklahoma wind.


But after some elbow grease, a coat of dark stain, some spray paint on the plastic slide and blue monkey bars, and a new swing from Amazon, the swing set is looking a lot better. We spent about $40 total for the swing, stain, and spray paint and since we will take the swing with us when we leave, only about $20 is invested in the piece. I am sure some people would have kept the swing set as-is (or dismantle it), but we figure that $20 is worth having a swing set for our toddler that isn’t an eyesore anymore.

Oh, and please forgive our sunburned yard. I think it has rained maybe once during the past three months. Can you tell?


2 thoughts on “$20 Swingset Improvement – Rental House

    1. Hi Carin! I just used spray paint made for plastics at Home Depot. Unfortunately I don’t recall the brand but I bought it at Home Depot so it can’t be too obscure. I just did a spot touch up so I am unsure how it would have held up if I sprayed the entire slide (we moved about 6 months after this improvement so I can’t give an accurate response so how well it held up).

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