Two Times the Charm

Two years ago on this day, I went to my 39 week appointment with my hospital bag packed and ready to go – just in case. Seven hours later, our little guy made his entrance after a quick and easy labor. Upon seeing our Weston for the first time, we were met with shock, tears, love, and unmeasurable joy.

Two years later, we’re just as thrilled. How lucky are we to be parents to our mischievous little boy? So. very. lucky. Times infinity.

He isn’t talking much yet and he certainly is exercising his ability to be stubborn. He isn’t composing symphonies and  he hasn’t mastered the oboe. He can’t recite the ABC’s and he thinks his potty is a step stool. But we love him just the same.

Besides, his swagger is unparalleled.

We’re kicking off the birthday festivities by taking the little guy out for breakfast. If turning two doesn’t merit pancakes, I don’t know what does. Happy 2nd Birthday Weston. You’re quite the special little boy. We love you so much!


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