A Wedding in the Family

As promised, here are some (amateur) pictures from the wedding. The photographer was wonderful so I can’t wait to see what she captured. While the following pictures aren’t professional by any means, I hope they give you an idea of what went down at the exciting event.

I don’t have any pictures of the actual ceremony so here is one from the rehearsal that my dad took. Grace United Methodist Church in North Augusta, SC was beautifully decorated for Christmas and had a lot of southern charm.

The bridal party at the reception, which was held at the North Augusta Municipal Building – a gorgeous venue. Megan, Julie, and I were thrilled to stand up there with Kelly as she married our brother; and Clay and Mike were honored to be beside Scott. I love when weddings have strong family ties. In case you were wondering, I teared up when I saw Kelly walking down the aisle and then Scott’s reaction. Kelly looked absolutely beautiful and radiant with joy. She is a lucky girl, Scott is a pretty amazing guy. And I didn’t trip during my walk down the asile. At all. Yay!

One of my favorite moments of the night was when Clay and I were walking down the aisle together after the ceremony (we were paired up together). Just as we reached the end, Weston came running into our arms. The photographer captured the moment so I can’t wait to see it! Clay’s parents snapped this picture when we were waiting to be photographed after the ceremony.

Megan, me, and Julie before the ceremony. We were given a color and then able to pick out our own bridesmaid dresses. It was nice being able to express some individuality and choose a cut that is flattering for our body type. Awesome. Oh and much to our delight, all three of us now have the same hair color. Last time we saw each other, which was during the summer, I had red hair, Megan had dark brown, and Julie was a brighter blonde. Now we even look more alike.

Isn’t that a beautiful cake? By the way, I feel like I am typing beautiful way too much but I can’t help it…it really was a beautiful wedding.

Weston didn’t hesitate to show off his dance moves at the reception. Clay’s parents arrived in town on Friday and watched Weston while Clay and I participated in the various bridal party functions. It was a busy couple of days so we are so incredibly thankful for their help. For example, the morning of the wedding, while the girls were at the salon, all the guys went target shooting; and they all arrived in one piece for the ceremony. Success!

And little Mikey looked dapper in his tux. Clay’s parents also helped out with Mikey by letting him sleep in their room. Aren’t they just amazing in-laws? I really lucked out in that department.

One of the most awwwww-inducing moments was when my brother surprised my mom with My Guy by Mary Wells for the  mother/son dance. When my brother was young, my  mom would sing the song to him as they danced around the house.

Me and my younger brother. (:

Finally, I’ll close the post with a picture of my youngest sister, Julie, and her boyfriend, Zach at the rehearsal dinner. And wouldn’t you know, Julie caught the bouquet and Zach caught the garter. Spoiler alert – Zach proposed Christmas Eve and Julie said yes!


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