A Wild and Crazy Ride

As you may remember back in December, we traveled to Georgia to celebrate the marriage of (my brother) Scott and Kelly. Clay and I were both in the wedding party and ‘assigned’ to each other. This means I had the pleasure of being escorted down the aisle after the ceremony by my lovely husband…again – one day shy of 7 years later. Except this time, our two year old son ran into our arms just as were approaching the door. Weddings are about love and this captured moment was just one of many that make parenthood such a rewarding journey.

I am beyond thrilled to be part of this wild and crazy ride.

And I am so blessed to be surrounded by love.


$25.93 Worth of Changes in the Laundry Room

Last week, I shared the sad state of our laundry room. The room was graced with dirty beige wallpaper hosting some lovely rose colored flowers that weren’t roses (those tricky wallpaper designers…), not-so-fresh cabinets, and dirt streaked beige walls. In case the picture doesn’t let you in on the room’s (former) dirty little secret – it was totally hot for dirty beige. The room never felt clean, no matter how much I scrubbed the surface area. And one of the last rooms  in your house you want to give off the aura of filth is the laundry room, seeing as how it’s primary purpose is to serve as a place to wash and dry clothes. To review – new tiled floor, mutant wallpaper, and extremely functional storage. And was it ugly. As in U – G – L – Y, you ain’t got no alibi ugly. But not any more!

Why hello there, you little clean looking space…how you doin’?

The previous owners had left behind a gallon of high gloss white paint and a gallon of primer so we lucked out and saved some money in that department. To paint the cabinets, I followed the steps provided by Young House Love. It really does make a difference when you properly sand, prime, paint, and seal cabinets, and even though I was tempted to cheat – I did the right thing to ensure a lasting finish. As you can see, I chose not to replace the hardware at this time. The existing hardware actually looks quite nice with the painted cabinets and just seems like an unnecessary expense right now.

It is amazing what a little paint can do, isn’t it? I detailed my wallpaper removal trials and tribulations last week. In effort to save the unprimed drywall, I sealed the wallpaper with KILZ oil-based sealer, used joint compound on the seams, and then sanded until my arm felt like it was going to fall off. Let me tell you, using an oil-based sealer in a room with virtually no ventilation is not a pleasant experience. Because Clay was away, I worked well into the night after little guy had gone to bed. The fumes are no joke and I really made an effort to limit Weston’s exposure. After the sealer was dry and no longer smelly, I used joint compound and a trowel to created textured walls to match the non-wallpapered walls in the room. Finally, I mixed a couple of existing leftover paint we had to get this soft blue/gray combination on the walls.

I followed his technique and then incorporated somethin’ somethin’ of my own.

The posters and bulletin board were in our art stash, which equals free wall decoration.

In case you were wondering what our clothes see when they emerge from the dryer…

And finally, the countertop and backsplash. I was unable to get to these beasts as part of my original deadline and that is okay because I really want to explore options and see what will work best for us at this point in time. I am still leaning towards painting them until we can save for a new countertop but I am not 100% sold on that idea…yet.

So there you have it – the laundry room progress. It certainly feel cleaner in here and I like to think that our clothes are happier. Whenever I walk by the room, I turn on the light, look in, and smile. And smiling when doing laundry is always a good thing. So far, I have spent $25.93 on the laundry room makeover, well under the $75 budget and gives me some wiggle room with the countertop and backsplash. Not too shabby.

  • Kilz Oil Base Sealer, 1 Gallon – $14.29
  • Trowel – $4.75
  • Joint Compound – $6.89
  • Paint Supplies (tray, roller, brush, etc…) – FREE (already own)
  • Blue/Gray Paint for walls – FREE (mixed two half gallons of leftover paint)
  • White High Gloss Paint for Cabinets – FREE (previous owners left behind)
  • Artwork – FREE (already own)

TOTAL (so far) – $25.93

Red Door Lodge Tour – Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and a Hallway, Oh My

Thank you for the feed back on our bold and spicy entryway. I’m currently in wallpaper removal hell, it appears that drastic measures will need to be taken – but more on that tomorrow. I figure that I’ll celebrate Wednesday by giving you another tour of our mutant wallpapered house. Today we’re going to take a look at the three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and the hallway that is the gateway to all three bedrooms and two of the bathrooms.

To help orient you, here is a crude sketch of the floor plan. As you can see, it is not a huge house by any means, but it is more than enough space for our family. We really like the simplicity of the floor plan – there are no odd corners and no wasted space. So with that in mind, let’s begin the bedroom and bathroom tour. I’ll be upfront – you will probably be underwhelmed…there is some work that is to be done.

The bedroom hallway is a standard hallway. I thought about doing a gallery wall of frames but I am worried that it will close the space in even more, seeing as it isn’t very wide to begin with. The light fixtures are original to the house. While there is a bit of 1983 charm to them, I’m pretty sure we will change them out at some point – just no boob lights. ::shudder::

The master bedroom. The only source of natural light is the windowed door leading to the back porch so we will keep this room as bright and cheery as possible without dipping into Teen Disney territory. Just a standard room – the ceiling fan is new, which is a $$$ saving plus.

Ahhhh, the master bath. Arguably the room the house that needs the most work. From what we can tell, everything is original to the house. The high points include separate his and her closets, two sinks, and a nice stall shower. The low points are not limited to old cabinets, ridiculously long vanity, horrible lighting, gray (?) toilet, and a vented (?) door. We’re working up the courage to combat this best.

Weston’s room is just a simple bedroom.

But what we’ve been calling his bathroom is not simple in any sense of the word. Blue bathtub (with no shower!), blue toilet, and a blue sink. Look at that fancy toilet seat cover. If that isn’t high class, I don’t know what is. And to top everything off, the entireroom is wallpapered. Including parts of the ceiling. Oy. We haven’t even begun to think about this bathroom yet…can you blame us?

The guest bedroom. Again, just a simple bedroom. It does have a large walk-in closet though. Actually, all the bedrooms and the study have great closet space. Apparently that is something older adults go crazy for so yay…go us!

Hahahahaha. This is the bathroom on the other side of the house, next to the study. There are ducks. Lots and lots of ducks. And guns too. I’ll save a picture of that wallpaper for another day. All isn’t bad though, the bathroom does have a new tiled floor (yay!) but there is a brown formica countertop (boo!). I can’t think of a better place to end this post than on a brown formica countertop so with that, I bid you good day. I’m feeling pretty good, how ’bout you?