Red Door Lodge Tour – Front Exterior, Entryway, and Great Room

Since travel is behind us for this month (February is another story), I thought I’d share a couple of glimpses into our new home – the red door lodge. Paint will likely be purchased tonight, which means that this weekend will officially commence the personalization of our new-to-us Oklahoma home. Since we’re not filthy rich and have busy lives outside of our house, the customizations, renovations, and other DIY-tions will occur over time. Because going into debt to decorate a house is so 2005.

Today we’re going to take a look at the front exterior, entryway, and the great room (some of which you’ve already seen here). Over the next couple of posts, we will take a look at the rest of the house. So with that, let’s begin the tour. As a quick reminder – please keep all arms and legs inside the pretend vehicle at all times. Our homeowners insurance doesn’t cover blogging-related house injuries. Sorry.

Side note, the Oklahoma sky really is that blue. Here is the view of the house from the neighborhood street. The mature trees make me swoon. And I totally dig the half-circle driveway (garage and a driveway are along the other side of the street).

The front porch is bigger than any we’ve experience at our various homes as a married couple. I think a couple of rocking chairs are necessary. So is a lot of yard work. I think it is safe to say that the previous owners weren’t too big on home improvement and maintaining a yard (hello weeds!). I highly recommend townhouse or condo living for such people. Easy peasy. See the skylight on the roof?

It beams down to the entryway (hence the square cutout on the ceiling). I feel like Scotty. Upon entering the red door, we’re greeted with dark wood laminate floor. It runs throughout the kitchen, one hallway, and study, and is new. Therefore, we have no plans to change it right now. While some may turn up their nose to wood laminate, we turn up our nose to paying $5000 to replace a brand new functional floor. Silly us.

Straight back is the great room (family room?). The french doors lead out to the spectacular backyard. Through the opening on the right of the entryway leads to the kitchen. More on that later. We’re thinking of doing the entry way a bold color since there is a clear division between it and the great room and kitchen. If you can’t have a little fun with your entryway, what can you have fun with in life?

Ahhhh, the great room. The fireplace. the built-ins, the outlet in the middle of the  floor (love, love, love) – all great aspects of the room. The outdated hardware, almond (ummm…yuck!) outlet covers, and non-tv-friendly mantel? Things that will be addressed in the near future. Same with the lack of wall color. So not very Karen.

The area where Weston is squatting is where we currently have our dining room table and china cabinet. So I guess it is our dining room. Hi dining room!

To close, I thought I would share Billy the Bison. Yes that is his listed name and I am currently obsessing over him at Cardboard Safari. I am sure I will take the plunge eventually, but the $52 price tag is preventing me from having this lovely animal head in our home. However, I have a birthday coming up in March. So Mom and Dad? Hint.


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