It’s Getting Hot in Here

Life is about taking risks, right?

When brainstorming color ideas for the entryway, my lovely husband suggested red. He certainly knows the way to my heart. I agreed that a bold color would be a great way to make a statement when entering our home. The entryway is about a 6′ by 10 ‘ area with a defined sense of space so we knew it could handle a spicy color.

Upon researching various paint swatches, we settled on Carnelian from the Eddie Bauer Paint Collection at Lowes. While the link takes you to a sample that appears very orange, the color is actually a mixture of reddish orange. We decided against a more traditional red because we want this house to channel more of a contemporary rustic cabin, and let’s face it, orange (or at least a reddish orange) can be quite sassy and fun.

I’ll admit that after finishing two coats of trim, I was unsure how I would feel about the final product. Clay kept telling me that it was going to look great and we made the right choice. I don’t know why I was worried – the great thing about paint is if you don’t like, paint over it. And I rather enjoy painting so it isn’t like it is a dreaded task like being a chum retriever in a shark tank.

But as soon as we started to roll the color on the walls, I knew Clay was right – the color was perfect for the space. Now I realize that it may be too bold for some and that is okay. Life certainly would be boring if we all had the same exact color palette. I can’t stop smiling whenever I see the color in the corner of my eye. What a difference $30 worth of paint makes. We’re not finished, of course -we still need to some artwork to the walls and figure out what we want to store in the cabinet, but the color is a good start.

The great room will be a medium-grade tan, which will contrast nicely with Cornelian.

And finally, I just love the pop of color you see from the kitchen. The walls of the kitchen were already painted gray when we moved in. We’re undecided as to what color we will paint the walls – that will depend on what we agree to do with the kitchen cabinets (to paint or not to paint?), but we do know that the gray will not stay. Not that I am anti-gray, but it just doesn’t give our kitchen the pop it deserves. Anyone else out there are currently sporting any reddish orange paint in their house? We’re not the only crazy ones, right?


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