It’s Lovely to See You, Fireplace

Rejoice! Our television is no longer chillin’ on the hearth like a causal acquaintance that won’t stop talking to you about how the South Beach Diet changed their life. As explainedyesterday, we decided to build a surround for the fireplace to rest the existing mantle. Remember – the original mantle placement was too high and we didn’t want to cut into the stone to secure it slightly lower. After a couple of coats of paint, we hoisted the new shebang into place and set the television on top. I may or may not have let loose a tear of joy.



As you can see, we’re still working on the hiding of the cords solution but we’re confident we can make it work. Also, you can see the protruding stones on which the mantel was originally resting. We have plans to ‘hide’ those as well. But gosh darn it, I was just too excited not to share our progress.

Let me just say that I love this color we choice. We looked at a couple of different colors and even briefly entertained the idea of white to match the built-ins, but in the end, we decided that we wanted to make the piece muted and not necessarily a stand-out piece, so to speak. The color is Cooper Adobe Brown from the Valspar Signature Collection at Lowes and we used the paint & primer-in-one. Seriously, we couldn’t have asked for a better match with the stone, it plays off the various colors in the fireplace without competing. Perfect!

In the future, we’re probably going to attach a mounting system to the mantle so we can tilt the television downwards. At this point, it isn’t necessary for comfortable boob tube watching but it will help the experience. But we’re not any any hurry and planning on enjoying our new television arrangement for some time. I am looking forward to adding more pops of color to the room. As it is right now, it is a bit too brown-centric for my tastes. To illustrate my point, here is a view from the other direction…

Little pops of color, but not enough. <insert sad face>.

Price breakdown:

  • 6 pieces of wood = $39
  • 1 quart of paint = $12
  • 4 pieces of trim = $5
  • TOTAL = $56 (includes 10% military discount)

Happy Presidents Day!

(PSA – there is no apostrophe…)


Clay has the day off so may get a little wild and buy some bar stools. I know, I know – it is tough keeping up with us and our crazy adventures.  If we’re really feeling rambunctious, we might even go to a couple of thrift stores. Watch out!


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