No Time for Pouting

Phew. The month of February is almost over and (I’m sorry for the cliché…) I can’t help but ask myself where has the time gone? In typing that sentence, Paula Cole and “Where Have All the Cowboy’s Gone?” immediately wormed their way into my head like a bad hangover. Apparently it is 1997 up in there – everybody is welcome to attend the party (in case you were wondering, I just finished Googling ’1997 trends’) but no “Barely Breathing” by Duncan Shiek will be heard. That song seriously makes me want to repeatedly stab my ears with forks – very sharp forks.

Getting back to the original point of this post – I worked the past two weeks and couldn’t have asked for a better introduction into the world of community college instruction. My schedule was flexible and I thoroughly enjoyed the adult interaction – not one student asked me for milk, juice, or a granola bar.  I don’t teach again for a little while (I teach week-long courses for soldiers on post) and I am looking forward to the ‘free’ time. I have a couple of community projects planned through our church and some home improvement projects I am antsy to begin. And of course, there are some other goals I’d like to work towards accomplishing.

It is amazing how much has changed since this time last year. There is no time for pouting. We’re finally settling into Lawton and finding ourselves liking Oklahoma more and more each day. There are still aspects of the area that we’re not crazy about but when we find the little nuggets of greatness, it makes us appreciate them that much more. In fact, my sister and her family are flying out in a couple of weeks and we’re excited to show them what life is all about in the Great Plains. I am currently trying to figure out if there is a realistic way for them to bring cheesesteaks and water ice with them…I need a fix!


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