A Thrifted Dresser = Orange Buffet

Our kitchen is large. About half the space is designated for an eating area. The previous owners used it as a dining room but because the great room is so big, our dining room furniture is happily living outside of the kitchen. So we’re using the big space as a less format kitchen eating area. Our kitchen table seats four so it looks tiny compared to the rest of the room. Having no desire to buy a new table (but I am refinishing the chairs – more on that in another post!), we began brainstorming ideas of how to balance out the space. We initially discussed breaking through the wall (there is currently a door-size entry to the great room with a pocket door) and creating a more open space. That idea is still on the table but honestly, we would rather put our $$$ toward a master bathroom overhaul…we think we will get more return from that project in the long run.

So with the wall opening out, I knew I wanted a buffet or a sideboard piece for the space, just to balance everything out. My thought process was that having a traditional piece would help tie the variety of styles going on in the kitchen into one little modern country package. I promise that when the entire space is revealed modern country will make sense so you’ll just have to smile and nod your head as you continue reading this post. Here are some buffet and sideboards from Ethan Allen. Love the look. Hate the price ($2800!).

So thrift store hunting I went. It took me a couple of days and three different stores, but I finally found a dresser that would work as a buffet and was budget friendly. I found a couple at Goodwill but the $99 price tag was enough to scare me away. However, I found the winner at Salvation Army, marked down to $55 from $65. Throw in the 10% military discount and I got the piece for $50. And the best part? I was able to break it down and drive it home in my car, thus saving me another trip with Clay’s truck.

As you can see, it isn’t too big and it isn’t too small. I like how Weston’s kitchen fits nicely next to it and it prevents us from having to center the piece on the wall (sometimes I get sick of symmetry). I also love how the piece has a mix of clean lines and decorative features. It isn’t overly decorative but also isn’t boring.

However, the flowers had to go. So did the color.

Dirty off white with crayon marks just didn’t work for me.

So I painted it a burnt orange.

Yes, orange.

Not bad, right?

I know orange isn’t everybody’s cup of tea and that is okay. While I certainly appreciate a neutral palette and think some of the most gorgeous rooms are filled with traditional pieces, I’ve realized that I need to live in a space with bright & fun colors. Thankfully, Clay is the same way and actually suggests more bold looks than I do. It took him some time though to see the bright side – his room in his college apartment was beige on beige on beige with a side of beige.

The kitchen is really coming together and I no longer feel depressed with spending time in there. The gray walls are gone and color is being pumped in by the minute. Happy, happy, joy, joy.


Hi! Want to Read 5 Items?

  1. Those of you who made the crossover…hi! You’re pretty cool.
  2. I am sorry if your RSS Reader is being inundated with previous blog posts. I am still updating the archives so it may happen again in the future. And for that, I apologize. If I could, I’d buy you a Yuengling to make up for the annoyance. And if you’re not into the whole beer scene, how about some water ice? My favorite is strawberry lemon.
  3. Jehovah’s Witnesses knocked on the door during Weston’s nap this afternoon. I was in the shower trying to scrub off oil-based paint (not happening, by the way) when Lucy started barking like Ben Roethlisberger was in the room. I spared the (probably) nice Witnesses seeing me answer the door in my towel and instead waited from them to leave. Thankfully the little guy didn’t wake up. Hallelujah.
  4. Clay is TDY this week and I am using my free nights to work on the kitchen. Clay is going to be in for a treat when he comes home on Saturday. We painted the walls before he left but other than that, he will be walking in blind to the changes. No, I am not painting the cabinets but I am painting a couple of different things…
  5. And finally – I miss Clay and wish he were coming home tomorrow instead of Saturday. Gosh, I am such a lightweight.