Getting Creative – The Baby Chicks Edition


For me, one of the biggest adjustments of moving from Raleigh, NC to Lawton, OK was having to leave a world filled with stay-at-home-mom-friendly activities. There were museums, libraries with storytimes, Little Gyms, Gymborees, playgroups, stroller parks, safe downtown, toy stores, and the list goes on. Throughout 2011, I documented my struggle with Lawton and staying home with the little guy. There just isn’t as much to do around here that doesn’t involve driving 90+ miles and I am not what one would classify as a homebody. And while my feelings on Lawton are beginning to shift, I am appreciating the scrappy town more, it certainly isn’t in the running to be one of the most favorite places we’ve lived. We are here for the next couple of years and I am determined to make the best of my time staying home with the little guy.

So yesterday, after nap time, little guy and I ventured to Atwoods – a farm supply store in town. I needed to pick up a couple of items and I knew Weston would flip over the baby chicks. For the stellar price of $0, we spent approximately 20 minutes looking at the feathered babies. We counted them, we pointed out the different colors, and we noticed sharing, fighting, and making-up. So while the activity certainly wasn’t flashy as some of the ones we participated in when we lived in a bigger city, it was still a fun and educational afternoon. And sometimes, that is all we can ask for.


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