The Uninspired Kitchen

I spent my first day of spring pulling up weeds that filled up 10 lawn bags and digging up rocks. It was actually a lot more pleasant that it sounds and quite the workout, so I really can’t complain. And our backyard is really starting to look less like the overgrown jungle it was when we bought the house and more like a Oklahoma oasis it deserves to be – happy clap. Lawn furniture will be purchased in the next couple of weeks and maybe even a picnic table if we’re feeling particularly frisky. Dare I say warmer weather is finally here?

The Kitchen

Our kitchen needs help. We’ve haven’t done a thing to the space except move our furniture in. While I love the functionality of the kitchen, I am not in love with the look/design. The granite countertops and backsplash are less than a year old. The backsplash I’m not crazy about but I think I can pizazz it up without having to rip it out and start over – how financially insane would that be?

The walls are prison grey and the white trim is in desperate need of repainting. The jury is still out on whether we want to repaint the cabinets – we keep going back and forth.  Maybe a glaze? Who knows? We’re not even sure what color to paint the walls. We’re leaning towards a yellow of sorts but no decisions have been made yet.

I’d like to choose a color and paint the walls soon so we have a starting point of the direction we would like to take the kitchen. Right now, I am at a bit of a loss and feeling uninspired…I think the grey walls are beginning to affect me. So I need your help.

What do you think? Any ideas on paint colors, cabinet finishes (if any), color schemes, etc.. are welcome. We need a kick in our pants in order to head in the right direction. Please feel free to link to pictures or whatever.

Things to keep in mind: The house is in Oklahoma and channels a ranch/lodge feel, so ultra modern/contemporary would more than likely feel out of place and hurt resale; we have no desire to rip out the cabinets, countertops, or even the backsplash; the fridge is stainless steel but all of the other major appliances are black; and the floor is a dark wood (and staying).

Here are some kitchens that I like…






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