Hi! Want to Read 5 Items?

  1. Those of you who made the crossover…hi! You’re pretty cool.
  2. I am sorry if your RSS Reader is being inundated with previous blog posts. I am still updating the archives so it may happen again in the future. And for that, I apologize. If I could, I’d buy you a Yuengling to make up for the annoyance. And if you’re not into the whole beer scene, how about some water ice? My favorite is strawberry lemon.
  3. Jehovah’s Witnesses knocked on the door during Weston’s nap this afternoon. I was in the shower trying to scrub off oil-based paint (not happening, by the way) when Lucy started barking like Ben Roethlisberger was in the room. I spared the (probably) nice Witnesses seeing me answer the door in my towel and instead waited from them to leave. Thankfully the little guy didn’t wake up. Hallelujah.
  4. Clay is TDY this week and I am using my free nights to work on the kitchen. Clay is going to be in for a treat when he comes home on Saturday. We painted the walls before he left but other than that, he will be walking in blind to the changes. No, I am not painting the cabinets but I am painting a couple of different things…
  5. And finally – I miss Clay and wish he were coming home tomorrow instead of Saturday. Gosh, I am such a lightweight.

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