A Travel Rut?

So far this year, we haven’t really traveled as a family. I flew to Pittsburgh for a girls weekend in January, and Clay has gone TDY to DC a couple of different times and TDY to San Diego, but as far as family travel – nada. Aside from going into Texas for some shopping, the little guy hasn’t even left the state of Oklahoma in 2012. That is a big deal in a landlocked state. This is the farthest we’ve ever lived from a major body of water (Great Lake or ocean) and we’re beginning to feel the effects.


Since buying our house in January, it seems like we’re devoting our weekends (and money) to home improvement projects. Don’t get me wrong – we’re all about gettin’ down and dirty with the house, but it can be too easy to just stay home and not get out there and explore. Unfortunately, there is nothing on the docket for the next couple of months. Perhaps we should take an overnight trip into New Mexico one of these weekends…just to mix things up. Maybe Sante Fe?


Thankfully, this summer involves some travel. In addition to spending time at a rented lake house in northern Michigan with my family (mmmm…cherries…), the little guy and I will accompany Clay in DC for a couple of weeks in June while Clay does the military thing. I’m excited to explore our nation’s capitol (it has been at least 10 years since I’ve spent significant time there) and introduce Weston to some of the best museums in the world. Have I mentioned that I am excited to leave Oklahoma for a couple of weeks? Because I am.

We have made it a point to travel with Weston and not allow ourselves to feel limited by his toddlerhood. We’re not afraid of multi-day road trips and he was great on the long flight up to Alaska last summer and the multiple plane trips we have made throughout the US. We have yet to travel internationally with the little guy but perhaps that will change when my youngest sister gets married in the Dominican Republic this fall – the jury is still out whether we can swing the trip due to it being a busy time of year.

My biggest fear is being stuck in a travel rut and becoming too complacent and too comfortable. As I mentioned, we’re due for a family trip – even if it is just a short one. Aside from the multi-week stint in DC and the trip up to Michigan, we have no big trips planned. I really want to get up to the Pacific Northwest but I’m not sure it will happen this summer.


Flying fish will have to wait.

What about you guys? Do you have any exciting summer vacations planned? Any place we can vicariously travel through you?


8 thoughts on “A Travel Rut?

  1. LOL no help from this quarter!! A trip to Ga in May, and a very short trip to Traverse City to see you guys, in July. Hope you figure out a nice trip for the three of you.

  2. Minnesota, don’t be jealous! And hopefully West Point for Ryan’s reunion in October, but not holding my breath. Funny you mentioned Traverse City, a job opened up there that Ryan could take next year and we’ve been wondering what that area is like. 🙂

    1. Traverse City is wonderful. Plus you would be close(r) to Jackie and Aaron. I would seriously consider it – it really is a beautiful part of our country.

  3. Yay DC! If you can, lets us know the date range and hopefully we can do the DC get together while you’re in town!

  4. We loved Santa Fe when we visited it many years ago! Taos Pueblo is also very cool! We are just finishing our Spring Break 2012 Great Adventure with Heidi & boys, Mike and I are taking the Harley down to the Blue Ridge mountain area in May to ride The Tail of the Dragon, a motorcycle trip with friends around Lake Huron in June, up to Glen Arbor for 3 nights while you guys are up and as much time as I can on our boat in Muskegon. We also have a couple fall trips in the planning stages – did I mention that I love to travel!!!

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