30 is sort of big deal in our household and not because of the societal-induced sense of doom that supposedly arrives at the end of the second decade. You see, when Clay and I first met, we knew something was different. We were young, focused on school, and drawn to each other. And it scared us. One late night, in the stairwell of our dorm, 19-year-old Clay told an already in love 18-year-old me not to get too attached (too late…) because he wasn’t going to get married until he was 30, just like his father.  “I don’t do flowers and I am not looking for a serious girlfriend.”

Clay turned 30 on Monday. He has been married for over 7 years and has a 2-year-old son. It’s funny – I think I dismissed our conversation that night in the stairwell, knowing that we would end up together. Clay just didn’t know it at the time. Ha.

I am not sure if any other military spouses are the same way, but sometimes I feel inadequate compared to what Clay has accomplished and experienced in his 20s. I haven’t swam in the Dead Sea, hiked the Hindu Kush mountains, been awarded medals, or set foot in countries nobody would dream of visiting. I haven’t said goodbye to our child for long stretches of time, I haven’t seen the hell of war first hand, and I haven’t jumped out of an airplane (although, maybe someday). And while he isn’t quite as cool as The Most Interesting Man in the World, he is still pretty awesome in my book.

I am certainly glad he changed his mind about the whole not getting married until 30 deal.  So in celebration, how about a brief This is Your Life pictorial in celebration of the big 3-0 of the almost most interesting man in the world? Let’s do it.

Years 2 – 18.

Happy 30th Birthday Clay!

You are very loved.


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