The Sour Patch Kid Experiment

Holy bananas. Thanks to, I was able to recover a handful of posts from my first blog, The Sour Patch Kid Experiment. The blog wasn’t popular (I think I averaged around 150 hits per day) and the writing isn’t exactly Pulitzer worthy, but it is documentation of what I went through during Clay’s first deployment (Feb. 2006 to June 2007). Sadly, the blog was deleted due to a Blogger system error (hence my eventual move to WordPress) and I thought my words were lost forever. There are still so many posts that I wish I could revisit, but the following will have to do. So if you’re a new(ish) reader, take a look at part of what was once called The Sour Patch Kid Experiment…



2 thoughts on “The Sour Patch Kid Experiment

  1. WOW! Reading these is like going through a time warp! I started following Sour Patch while we were at Ft Huachuca preparing to move to Drum. It was a special time while we were in Watertown and these posts bring back a flood of memories!
    Thanks for sharing!!

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