Finding the Sweet Moments

Clay’s parents drove out to Oklahoma to spend the Easter holiday with us. This morning, we drove into the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge and hiked when not observing buffalo and long horned steer. Afterwards, we ate lunch at Meers, where the service was as awful (what else is new?). At least the burgers and beer were good, I suppose.

Weston has been acting all of two as of late (today was no exception), and he is set on testing our patience. We have learned more about ourselves as a parents during the past three months than the previous two years. I stand by my assertion that dealing with a toddler at times feels like negotiating with a dictator of an oil-rich country.

I think this picture sums up life with Weston as a two-year-old. All I wanted was a nice family picture. Unfortunately, Weston was determined to walk around and do exactly the opposite of what we wanted. At least it is a decent picture of the two of us. C’est la vie.

And I must admit, Oklahoma in April is quite beautiful.

We came across these two buffalo butting heads.

Seems like life with a toddler, right?

We still love the little guy though. So much.

And he can be quite sweet.

Like when he looked up at us and smiled as he held our hands on the hike.



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